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By Bob Sanford

The population of Maasai in Tanzania is over 800,000.  Over 500,000 are unsaved.  Many have never heard the Gospel of Christ.  The population of Africa is 1.2 billion.  That is 15% of the world’s population.  From 1982-2009, the population of Africa doubled; of that 1.2 billion – 520,000,000 are unsaved.
Most areas in the Maasai land have no running water.  Much of that water is harmful to drink because of the high levels of chloride, which causes deformities in unborn babies as well as weakened bones. The Maasai have no cars, no roads, and no electricity.  The Maasai live very much the same as they did 3,000 years ago.  As John Tuck said, “It was like stepping back in time.”
Three years ago, we were ordained by the Maasai mother church to be their missionaries in Northern Tanzania.  We have worked there for eight years and have seen hundreds of Maasai accept Christ as their Savior.  We especially remember one witch doctor who accepted Christ.
It is our mission to carry the Gospel of Christ to all the lost.  As well as to help build churches, drill wells with good water, build schools, educate children, and stop hunger.
At the present time, there a great need for:


  • Spreading the Gospel of Christ

  •  A home for Maasai orphans

  •  Church buildings

  • Food

  • Bibles

  • Wells

  • Filters for wells with bad water

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Photos from the Mission Field

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