Mt. Pleasant Christian School now serves children in grades K-2 through 12.  The A Beka Book for Christian Schools is used as our curriculum.  The goal of the school is to "Educate the Heart as Well as the Mind."


Denise Smallwood, Administrator

​Lisa Smith, Secretary 


Mt. Pleasant Christian School holds to the philosophy that education from a Christian perspective is the only true form of education.  Two outstanding elements contribute to the School’s philosophy of education:  first, our curriculum is Bible-based and Christ-centered.  Second, our staff consists of dedicated Christian teachers who are concerned about their student’s physical, mental, and eternal welfare. 

The school’s primary objective is to show children how to live rather than how to make a living.  The truths of the Bible are not substituted or separated from academics at Mt. Pleasant Christian School.  Instead, they are integrated into the entire educational program.  Standards of discipline and conduct are Bible-based to develop Christian character and sound values.  MPCS strives to maintain a truly Christian philosophy of education, high academic standards, and the proper emphasis upon morals, discipline, and social development.  

The desire of the school is that the home, church, and school work together to train up children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

Other Information

Download the Student Handbook by clicking here.

If you would like to make a donation to the school, please contact Denise Smallwood at 205-466-7997 or mail a check to:

Mt. Pleasant Christian School
4111 Susan Moore Road
Blountsville, AL 35031



Mt. Pleasant Christian School uses FACTS which provides private and faith-based schools with Tuition Management Financial Aid Assessment and School Management solutions.

Registration Fees for 2018-2019 School Year

​Early registration through March 23, 2018 - $85/1st child,   $100/2 children,    $125/3 or more.
Beginning March 24, 2018 - $95 per child.

2018-2019 School Prices for K2 through K4

​$2250/year – 1st child     $1800/year – 2nd child     $450/year – each additional child

2018-2019 School Prices for K5 through 12th Grade

$2700/year – 1st child     $1800/year – 2nd child     $450/year – each additional child 
Automatic withdrawal for tuition is handled by FACTS management.  The payment options are as follows:  9 monthly payments (September – May), 12 monthly payments (September – August), Payment in full in September (10% discount).

Book Fees

K2 - $60;  K3-K4 - $110;  K5 - $160;  1st - $245;  2nd/3rd - $250;  4th - $260;  5th - 7th - $265;  8th – 12th - $285
These fees will be payable through FACTS starting in June 2018.  The total book fee for your family will be divided into 3 equal payments that can be paid in June, July and August or can be paid in full at any time during the summer.

Student Fees

​$100/one child;   $200/two children;   $250/three children;   $300/four or more children
Remember these fees are used instead of fundraising and these proceeds are used to help pay our payroll taxes throughout the school year.  These fees can be paid in full or in payments from September through October 2018 in FACTS.

After-School Care Fees

​$5 per hour/per child.  Aftercare is from 12:00 to 6:00 pm for K2 – K4, and 2:30 to 6:00 pm for K5 and up.

Lunch Fees

$1.50 per day/per child for K2 – K4;    $3.00 per day/per child for K5 – 12th;   50 cents for tea (5th through 12th grades).

Daycare Fees

$95/week for first child;   $70/week for each additional child.  Weekly fees will only be $50 if you have a child in our preschool or school.  This fee includes lunch and 2 snacks.
$25 per day/per child – Daily drop ins
Daycare is open 6 am to 6 pm and we have a 10-hour limit per day.  However, if your child stays longer than the 10 hour limit, there will be a charge of $5 per hr/per child added to your account.