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Awana Calendar 2018-2019

  • Please wear tennis shoes every night.

  • Due to the increasing expense of books and uniforms, we will be accepting donations to help with the cost.  Regardless, these items will be given to each Club member when earned, but if lost, the replacement will have to be paid for up front before the order is placed.

  • We will meet each Wednesday night from August 22 to May 8.  Below is a list of the special Wednesday nights and any nights we do not plan to meet.

  • If you child participates in a special Wednesday night, they will receive a small prize.

  • Thank you for helping make AWANA so successful!

22 - AWANA Begins!

5 - God & Country Night - Wear Red, White, & Blue
26 -No AWANA

3 - Wear School Colors
31 - Chocolate Night

14 - Give Thanks - Being a Drawing or Picture of something you are thankful for 
21 - No AWANA - Happy Thanksgiving!

5 - Christmas Stocking Night - Wear your favorite Christmas socks.
19 - No AWANA - Christmas & New Year's Break
26 - No AWANA - Christmas & New Year's Break

23 - ARK Night: Wear your PJs and bring your favorite stuffed animal

13 - Valentine: Show Your Love for Christ by doing a kind deed for someone at Awana tonight 

6 - B.A.R.F. Night - Bring a Real Friend Night 
27 - No AWANA - Spring Break

10 - Teacher Appreciation Night

2 - AWANA Ceremony Practice Night
8 - Closing Ceremony

​Calendar updated 07-12-18

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