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This article explains how Christians have the ability to submit to civil law while still operating as Kingdom Citizens. 

I think it goes without saying that we have been walking through some crazy and unchartered waters. We have seen God do some great things. We have experienced some of the most difficult circumstances. If nothing else we have learned through all this that the Lord was right when He said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church.


I want to personally thank everyone who has served in the past few months. You are truly making a difference. Things are starting to pick up, and I am praying we stay in ministry mode rather than maintenance mode. Please be in prayer that we will continue to see progress and maintain a hunger for God like never before. 


Keep in mind there is a huge difference between “club membership” and “church membership”. The club member expects to be served, while the church member desires to serve. Over the next few weeks I am praying the Lord challenges all of us to evaluate ourselves in this area.  


Moving forward, we have some areas that need attention. One of our goals is to make sure we have plenty of help for our children’s ministry. This means that are looking for volunteers to help with nursery and children’s church. Please understand this is a ministry not a “baby sitting service.” You have an opportunity to minister to young people in such a way that will impact the next generation. 


One of the areas of focus starting in the month of November will be outreach. Restrictions and mandates cannot keep us from evangelizing the lost. We will be planning and posting some opportunities to learn how to reach those that are lost. We will also start building a plan that will train others to reach people with the Gospel. 


We are still working on the sewage system problems. We are now looking at connecting to the lagoon system with Susan Moore High School. We feel like this will be significantly cheaper than building our own system. Please be in prayer over this and hopefully we can see progress in the next few weeks.  


I love you church and hope you know that I thank God each day for the opportunity to be your pastor.


Dan Boatman


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